"I'm Flash - Pet Me"


That is what my first hat said.  We went to our first waddle naked, well Flash was o'natural and I felt kinda silly.  So, the next year as we went off to Dwight, Illinois,  I found a litle straw hat, made a sign attached some elastic and put it on my sweet boy.  The wonderful kind folks at the waddle made me feel that I was incredibly brilliant and that I had invented the next best thing to sliced bread.

Fast forward a bit... I was in Walmart one day and found all these cute baby hats and in my eye... they were destined to become Houndiehats.  I went to The Great American Basset Waddle in Michigan... kind people bought hats.  The wonderful "Daily Droolers" heard about my new little business and started emailing me for special requests.  That worked for a little while, but I ran out of my "sale Walmart" stock.  It was too expensive and sometimes the hats I needed were not "in season"... as I whined to my husband, he simply said... well, you have a sewing machine - make them.  That was probably about a 1000 hats ago. 

Flash was my super-model mega-salesman for many years, he traveled with me to Michigan and Wisconsin as well as of course Dwight (Illinois) every year while.  He greeted everyone and appreciated the pets.  He went out to meet them and frequently wrapped his leash around them to bring them in to the table.  He took his job very seriously.  His last few weeks on this earth, he insisted on going to both Bassetfest and Dwight to see his people.  The story of that time would take too long, but the abbreviated version is that he went with dignity and and held his sweet head up like the regal king he was.  Thank you to all of you who knew and recognized his specialness.

Time has passed, and my product line has expanded, I  added a serger and embroidery machine, then learned how to digitize... so now you will find houndanas, visors, fancy frilly hats and blankets, hats and scarves for humans and even baby bibs

Flash was my inspiration for 'Ears To You... but he was also the inspiration for his dad's CD "Remember Their Lives".  My husband Robert is a composer, musician, singer who never knew a Basset before he came into our lives... but was inspired by Flash, and is now a card carrying Basset Hound addict. 

Flash's last official act was to send us our new supermodel, Hattie Rose.  We miss him horribly, but he found the pawfect little princess to share our lives and the 'Ears To You style.

Thank you all for visiting our site, for bringing your sweet hounds to meet us when we are at waddles.